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Rose & Aloe Refreshing Mist

Hello my beautiful people  :)

Dear Sun God, Please go to settings>display>brightness & lower your brightness !
Please too hot to handle.!!

Yes it is one if the popular jokes in trend. However it tells one important thing that the days are getting extreme Hot !! And we all want something which is easy to use & instantly refreshes our Face during these days. In market you will get so many Mists but why to spend money on this when you can easily make it at home ;) .

Here I am sharing very easy DIY Refreshing Mist which you can use any time in the day. It refreshes your face plus this will help to Set up your Makeup. 2-in-1 Mist. It takes only 5 mins to make & you need only 2 ingredients which are easily available at Home.

Rose & Aloe Refreshing Mist

All you Need  :-

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Rose Water
  • Spray Bottle

Method  :-

Step 1.  Take 3 part of Rose Water in the Bottle.

Step 2.  Now add 1 part of Aloe Vera Gel on it.

Step 3.  Mix it well. It's ready to use.

Note  :-  Before using this Mist anytime make sure to shake the Bottle to mix the contents well.

Enjoy your Rose & Aloe Refreshing Mist. This will hydrate your skin & gives an instant freshness. :)
Do share this easy simple recipe with your friends & relatives. And let me know your feedback.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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