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Hello Beautiful People 😍

   I hope you all are doing great.

      This is Khushi from Khushi's World. My real name is Ruchi which means 'interest' however my husband has given me a new name after marriage - Khushi which means "Happiness" :) . He says that I have brought happiness in his life so he has given this name. Later , friends & family everyone started calling me by Khushi. Now I luv to hear Khushi :)

      I am a Software Engineer by profession with a deep passion for arts , beauty , crafts , cooking and many more things. So I thought why not share the passion with all you guys. And here I am with Khushi's World. A world of creativity , innovation , artistry and much more.

     I have never done any training in any of the areas of  beauty , crafts , cooking & other DIYs. Whatever I am sharing here is created & tried by my own. :) I strongly believe the more to share the more you learn. :)

   I hope we all will learn alot in this journey and looking forward to see you all. :)

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For business related queries contact on my gmail. I would love to try out new products & give my genuine view on those.

Khushi's World

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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