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Winters Must Haves

Hello my beautiful people :)

Winter means cold with a coffee in hand & a warm blanket wrapped around you always. But winter also means staying warm from inside & look gorgeous & fashionable outside. Winter dressing is all about chic outwear. A coat, scarf, cozy cloves are some of the essentials for winter which should always be in your closet during this season. However at the same time we also need to keep fashionable items like a trendy boots, stylish hat. Lets checkout some of the winter must haves to keep ourselves warm & up to date.

There are many in the list for the winter must haves however I am covering my 10 list today.

1.  Trendy Coat

Have a coat which keeps you warm with a good material. You can try color variations for winters. Have a trendy coat in winter to keep yourself in fashion and style.

2.  Sweater

Coat is perfect for Cold days but for Sunny Days in winter a sweater is a good option. A nice Sweater is perfect for casual days & wearing Sweater with High heel boots & a good hand bag makes it a great combination.

3.  Boots

Boots come in so many varieties. For Winters either High heels or Flat boots suits more. Boots make you look classy plus they are also comfortable for winters.

4.  Leggings

Legging are preferable in winter because of two reasons; first they are comfortable and second winter leggings are good to keep your warm too. Carry good boots along with leggings to make a pair.

5.  Scarf

There are plenty of options out in the market during winter for the scarves. There are many ways to wear it. When you want to show some style, wear it in Infinity way & when you feeling too cold just use it as as a throw.

6.  Gloves 

Gloves are one of the must haves for sure during the season. Wear leather gloves or the normal one.
Covering your hands are pretty much required to stay out of cold and keep your hands warm. You can also use gloves which are touch screen friendly specially if you are always with the gadgets.

7.  Beanie or Fur Hat

Fur hat or beanie are fashionable and good for keeping your hair safe. Look out for the good options in the market and get yourself one.

8.  Bright Color Lipsticks

Talking about winters and fashion and not talking about lipsticks is not allowed here. Just joking ! however to mention fall & winters are all about dark colors. Go with red, wine or maroon & their similar shades.

9.  Bright Color Nail Polishes

You must be wondering why I am mentioning nail polishes in winter must haves. Well apart from your coats you should also be having good nail polish to match it up. Go for very dark colors, you can even go for grey or black if you like doing experiments.

10.  Moisturizer

Keeping your body warm is required but keeping it moisturized is also a necessity in winter. Moisturizing is required all around the year so that in winters too. Keep a good body lotion and lip balm handy.

Try to wear Fall & Winters colors as they are little warm & they are more fashionable during the season. Colors like wines, blues, reds, greens will look good.
Girls trust me winters is all about dark shades & covering up your body from cold & enjoying your Hot Hot food ;)

I hope you guys like this post.
Enjoy your winters people & take care of your Health too.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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