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Last Week Diwali Cleaning Tips

Hello my beautiful friends :)

Diwali is an Indian festival of lights and one of the most anticipated time of the year for us. It brings joy & happiness & a good time for shopping. However there is one more string attached to it. It is pre Diwali preparation in terms of cleaning. Yes cleaning the whole house not just single room or place.
Cleaning becomes a big deal for all irrespective of whether they are women who are home makers or working women. Most people get panic because of this & it makes it even more difficult to plan and clean.
      Today I am sharing some of the tips which will prove useful to many people as Diwali is coming very soon and there is not much of a time remaining now.

Last Week Diwali Cleaning Tips

1.  Get Your Tools Ready  :-  

First and foremost you cannot start cleaning if you don't have the right tools & even if you start without the tools it will increase your cleaning time. Some of the things below which are a must for cleaning are :
  • Broom
  • Scrubber / Tooth Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth/ Dusters
  • Cleansers like All Purpose
  • Glassware Cleaning like Colin
  • Tissue / Newspaper
Note :-  I prefer to use one cleaner which can be used as multi purpose cleaner.

2.  Start Your Day Early  :- 

As we are doing the last week cleaning here, starting cleaning early in the day is very important.  Make schedule based upon your availability however the earlier the better.

3.  Don't get emotional with Items  :- 

Diwali cleaning not only about removing the dust and rearranging or buying new things for the home, it is also about getting rid of unwanted and old items. Follow the 6 months rule which means if you haven't wore the cloth in last 6 months it may not be useful to you.
There might be many things you are just keeping it because of emotional attachment which you might not be using it or wearing. This is the time to get rid of those. Half of the things we get emotional with just take up lots of space because of which we end up getting more stress.

4.  Cleaning Different Areas  :- 

It is very important to prioritize the cleaning areas as we should not start cleaning all the areas together if we are only 2-3 people at home. Prioritize from which room you want to start. I prefer starting with my wardrobes & bedroom and then going to the kitchen.

a) Wardrobes  :- Take out all clothes and look for the clothes which are no longer useful to you, which are torn and which are just not of your type now. Donate the good clothes from them and throw away the remaining. Don't get emotional. Rearrange the clothes as per your easiness to use. Wash the clothes & iron them if it is required. Wardrobes may 2 days also but it is better to start with it.

b) Bedroom  :-  Do regular dusting & wiping of the furniture along with frames and other items in the room. Remove all the broken & unnecessary things. For me I had many DIYs which I made before but are no longer in use. It is always better to get rid of these type of items. Also this is the time to look under the bed & do the cleaning. You can wash your current pillow covers, bed sheets and either use the same or if you have another set change it to give your room a different look.

c) Bathroom  :- Use your tools & clean the bathroom. It is also an important part of your house & it can take upto 1 day for cleaning it completely.

d) Kitchen  :- Take Kitchen after you are finished with all the other rooms except Balcony. Start by cleaning the racks & boxes inside the kitchen.  Here also throw out things which are not useful, torn away & unnecessary. Cleaning the oily places, exhaust fans & other hidden places in kitchen. Take your time & clean it good.

e) Balcony & Gate :- You can take balcony & main gate cleaning at last. Use cleaners to wipe off the dust & clean them properly.

5. Take Care of Yourself  :-  

Don't forget to take care of yourself  during all this cleaning. Use gloves while cleaning, properly wash hands & apply moisturizers after your cleaning is done for the day.

6. Some Miscellaneous Tips  :-

a) First clean spider webs from the room tops & then do the dusting in the room. At the end use vacuum to clean the floor.

b) Clean fans also even if it looks clean.

c) You can use newspapers to clean the glass & the mirrors.

I hope as Diwali as nearby the above tips will prove useful to you.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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